Hand Poured, Hand Crafted, Homemade

River Raisin Candle & Body Co was started in 2014. Located in Monroe, Michigan then branching out to Lafayette, Louisiana they haven't stopped reminding us of home.

Did you know that it's hard to make a candle? Well, the act is easy. You just melt some wax, pour in some fragrance, and bam... you have a candle. However, there is a pretty good chance that your candle isn't going to burn right and won't smell the way you'd hope it would. It took us hours of pouring and so much wasted product to finally come up with a candle that we were excited to start selling to our customers.

All of our products, candles and soap alike, are made from as close to all-natural products as we can get. The wax we use is 100% soy, our wicks our cotton and paper, and the fragrance oils we use to have as much essential oil as the wax will hold. On the soap side, the oils that we use are certified organic, we use lye made in the US, most of our bars, all but one, use 100% essential oil for the fragrance.

We pride ourselves on quality products and the best customer experience!

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