About Our Soap

Not all soaps are created equal. We are proud to produce all natural soaps using high quality ingredients. We offer a variety of scents and exfoliants to satisfy any taste. 

Ever wonder how store brand soaps are formed into such perfect bars? Factories, machines, and synthetic ingredients. Not so with our soap. One look at our products and you'll see the raw & rustic look that can't be faked.

After combining all the ingredients, the saponification process begins. Saponification is a process perfected over thousands of years that converts fats into soap using lye. Our hot processed soap is cooked slowly until the Ph level of the soap indicates the lye has been neutralized, leaving a all natural, moisturizing soap behind.

The soap is then placed into a mold to cure for at least 24 hours. Then, it is removed and hand cut using stainless steel blades. The soap will then sit to dry and cure for a minimum of 7 days to harden to increase the longevity of the bar. Lastly, its carefully wrapped and shipped to your door!


*Note: Because our bars are hand made from start to finish, product weight may vary slightly.