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River Raisin Candle & Body Co.

Bonfire - 100% All Natural | Soy Wax Scented Candle

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Don't you love a good fire in the backyard?

Bring out the lawn chairs for this one! Whether you're sitting on a beach or in your backyard, the setting doesn't matter. The familiar scent of the smoke floating through the air reminds us of spending time with friends. Supported by essential oils of Sandalwood and patchouli.

The Skinny

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About the Fall Collection

Days are getting shorter and the weather is getting cooler, days at the beach are becoming distant memories. Autumn nights usher in bonfires, s'mores, flannel, and your favorite apple cider.

All of our candles are poured with love one at a time to ensure the best possible quality. We use only the best materials as well! Our wicks are carefully selected to fit the jars, our wax is as natural as it can be, and we use fragrances that are phthalate-free. 

A few Reminders

All of our candles come with burning instructions on the bottom but we want to remind you of a few things.

  • Remember to trim the wick before every burn
  • Let the candle burn until there is an even wax pool that touches the outer edges of the jar.
  • Don't burn any candle for longer than 4 hours
  • Always burn candles on a heat resistant surface

Burn times will vary based on if the wick is trimmed and the amount of draft in the room. This candle should provide up to 40 hours of wonderful burn time!